The 12 week program

Saturday 03 December, 2011 at 5:39 am, by Søren Therkelsen in Blog, Step 3

Week 1: Discussions with lean mentors: Set goals
Review the business model assumptions, articulate clear hypotheses and metrics, set goals and timeline for the following weeks.

Week 2: Mining for Prospects
Revisit the target customer list you prepared in Denmark. Refine elevator pitch, email pitch, find intro’s.

Week 3 and on: Outreach
Tutorial in Outreach tactics. How to reach out and get meetings with customers. How to engage. Start your outreach to first customers to get meetings.

Week 4 and on: Engagement
How to manage your first meetings to achieve your learning goals.

Weeks 5 - 10: Test - Learn - Revisit
Each week you will review test results from your customer interaction and adapt, update LeanLaunchLab, rvise your hypotheses, change the MVP, develop new tests, etc. You will incorporate the week’s learnings into the forward process.

Weeks 11 and 12: Conclusions and Next Steps
The final two weeks you will consolidate your results for discussion with your mentors and presentation for your board and advisors back in Denmark.

Throughout the Program
While you are in Silicon Valley we will bring you best practice learning around a number of themes that will be of interest for the NEXT phase:

* Setting up a presence in Silicon Valley
* Visa questions
* Legal framework, stock options, and incorporation
* Patents and intellectual property
* Planning and execution - best practices for effective entrepreneurship
* Acquiring early customers
* Raising venture money in Silicon Valley
* Pitching to Investors
* Strategic partnerships
* Mergers & Acquisitions
* Recruiting
* Creating buzz

We will work with local legal, financial, an sales professionals to provide a weekly introduction so that are introduced to one of these topics each week you are here.
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Last but not least, we will do an assessment of the SCALEIT program with your help so we can do our own pivots.-
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This is part of our own build, test, learn loop. We will constantly be evaluating your progress in the valley, and will be looking to fullfill your needs as a startup. We are in this together.