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Our network is your network

SCALEit is blessed with great mentors and an inspiring network that will welcome, host and help our SCALEit participants through their stay in Silicon Valley. Let us introduce you to some of the profiles that will be mentors and advisors on the program.

Steve Blank, serial-entrepreneur, author, lecturer, board member at Startup Weekend.

Bill Joos, principal at Go To Market Consulting, former VP at Garage Technology Ventures.

Jeff Sneider, founder and president at Startwings, partner with Progression Partners.

Paul Bragiel, Managing Partner at IO Ventures, Advisor & Investor at p5 llc

Elias Bizannes, director at Charles River Ventures, founder of StartupBus,

Fadi Bishara, founder of Blackbox, board member at MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, CEO of TechVenture

Scott Engler, co-founder and CRO of LongBoard Media

Mikkel Svane, co-founder og CEO of Zendesk

Torsten Kolind, co-founder and CTO at YouNoodle.

Martin Frid-Nielsen, co-founder and CEO of SoonR

Christian Birk, founder of Endomondo

Kasper Hulthin, co-founder of Podio

Jens C. Andersen, CEO of Invarian