The key for investments in Silicon Valley, is your one page Executive Summary. We need this both to evaluate your business, but also to put you in the spotlight for investors. If you sign up for the ScaleIt week before March 26th, we will look in to your business plan, give feedback, and forward it for the potential of pitching in front on more than 50 business angels and venture capitalist at once. Search theese resources to learn more about an Executive Summary and how you write the perfect one.





Executive summary is a term used in business for a short document that summarizes a longer report, proposal or group of related reports in such a way that readers can rapidly become acquainted with a large body of material without having to read it all. It will usually contain a brief statement of the problem or proposal covered in the major document(s), background information, concise analysis and main conclusions. It is intended as an aid to decision making by business managers.

An executive summary differs from an abstract in that an abstract will usually be shorter and is intended to provide a neutral overview or orientation rather than being a condensed version of the full document. Abstracts are extensively used in academic research where the concept of the executive summary would be meaningless.



Writing an executive summary
The first resource is from Garage Technology Ventures. They are a seed-stage and early-stage venture capital fund. They are willing to invest in unproven teams attacking unproven markets with unproven solutions. They are huge in Silicon Valley, and this is how they want you to write an executive summary to write an executive summary.

Writing a business plan (the same, just detailed)
If you manage to earn yourself an investment from Sequoia, you know you have potential. Heck, we all know you have. Trying to do so, you might want to learn what they want from you.

How to pitch
Whenever you have the opportunity to actually pitch your presentation (which happens quite often in Silicon Valley) you should look in to these well put advices from Garage Ventures.



To make this process easier for you, we have uploaded an Executive Summary and written a few guidelines for pitching your idea.



The executive summary will be a key ingredient to your trip to Silicon Valley. If you are up for it, and can write your summary fast, then sign up before April 26th. Doing so can earn you a spot for pitching in front of up to 50 Silicon Valley Business Angels and VCs.

And not only that - we will help you! By sending in your executive summary before April 26th, we will forward this to our experienced advisory board.

The board is an important forum for the management team of Innovation Center Denmark. The Board provides strategic guidance concerning future plans of the center, and provides valuable feedback to the Danish innovation ecosystem such as startups, researchers and VIP delegates.

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