12 weeks in Silicon Valley

Apply for SCALEit


Exciting - you are here to apply! Participating in SCALEit will most likely be a substantial change to the way you do business. We know you realize this, but we are excited for you. Before starting your application, please spend some tome considering this:


Are your products and services truly scalable? Are your products launched and on the market? Are your team and the people around you aligned with your vision of leaving for Silicon Valley? If necessary, are you then ready to have your company headquartered in USA?


Whoa, you are still reading - Great! Now, let’s get down to business

You will now have to supply various information about your company. In the form below you can add all relevant data. You can update your application up until our deadline February 1st, 2012. You do this on our partner YouNoodle’s website. Be aware that you will have to submit a short video describing your product, your market, your competitive landscape and your team (a webcam video is fine).

You will also have to submit an executive summary (see video below). If you don’t have one already, don’t worry; we have a template here for you.

We will have a panel of 8 Silicon Valley experienced business people to review your application and make the final decision. We’ll let you know if you are in or not february 6th, 2012. So you don’t have to wait long.

Take your time submitting the material, fill out the information and crafting a sharp business summary! We want you to do well, so feel free to contact us if anything is unclear or you have questions. We would only appreciate it!


Scale Manager Søren Rønne Therkelsen can be reach at his Danish mobile +45 25361620 or email: [email protected]


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Watch this video, and write your executive summary before you start adding information below.

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Application form

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If you have any questions towards this process, please contact us!